Reproducing Loss is my PhD project. I am Tara Pollak, PhD candidate in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh. 

The project seeks to investigate the experiences of people touched by pregnancy loss in the Lothians, Scotland. There's very little research on pregnancy loss in general, but hardly any in Scotland. I want to address pregnancy loss as a whole, marrying the embodied experience of pregnancy and loss with medical bureaucracies, expectations and care and the challenges of parenthood and family life. 

As a social anthropologist, I interview people, spend time with them, take notes and observe, learn from experts and service providers and compare relevant literature. Given the abundance of archival and historical material in Edinburgh, and the recent baby ashes scandals, I also intend to study the material culture surrounding pregnancy loss, bereavement and funerals. 

Reproducing Loss is a 12 month ethnographic research project. I am looking for participants who have experienced pregnancy loss directly or indirectly (partners, grandparents etc), professionals supporting pregnant people and those affected by loss and researchers in this area. 

This blog documents the project and my experience as a researcher in this field, links to relevant services in the Lothians and beyond and highlights events, fundraisers and opportunities for engagement. All opinions are my own.